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Ultimate Probiotic Yogurt Maker with Two 1-Quart Containers for Larger Batches - Make Trillions of Live Probiotics with Adjustable Temp & Time Control - Best Greek Yogurt Maker - LIFETIME WARRANTY
  • 📰 AS SEEN ON ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX - Make probiotic yogurt which may help support weight loss, reduce bloating, enhance mood, boost energy levels, improve digestion, promote healthy skin & hair, alleviate inflammation & accelerate muscle recovery! Click Add to Cart Now!
  • 💸📈Save MONEY & MAKE TRILLIONS OF LIVE PROBIOTICS FROM HOME - High-Quality probiotics shouldn't have to break the bank. Lucky for you, they no longer will! With just the right starter, you can culture trillions of CFUs of L. Reuteri, L. Gaseri, L Acidophilus, L. Casei, Bifidobacterium species and more in your probiotic maker! Once you make your yogurt, use it as a starter for your next batch! You may never have to buy probiotics again!
  • 🌡️ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL from 68-131°F with 48 HOURS of RUN TIME - Most home yogurt makers have inaccurate temperature control and run up to 10 degrees too hot, killing your probiotics. The Ultimate Probiotic Yogurt Maker ensures that your probiotic cultures cultivate within their optimal temperature range! Get Yours Now!
  • 💎100% BPA FREE, ELEGANT & PRACTICAL DESIGN - The Ultimate Probiotic Yogurt Maker shows off its elegant stainless steel housing and interface and is fitted with a clean, cool grey interior, and comes with Two 1-Quart containers with matching white lids. This yogurt maker is designed for even and efficient heat distribution. And unlike competitive models, our yogurt maker fits two 1-quart glass containers, allowing you to make larger batches with fewer dishes.
  • 🌱YOUR YOGURT, YOUR WAY - Make fresh, delicious and nutritious dairy or dairy-free, vegan yogurt with no additives or sugars! Customize your flavor and texture with different milks, creams, temperatures, cultivation times and probiotics. Then add your own flavors and sweeten to taste! You can also use it as a greek yogurt maker, simply strain your yogurt to the thickness you desire! Experiment with new flavors to make your own Ultimate Yogurt.
Euro Cuisine YM80 Electric Yogurt Maker Machine- Promote Gut Health with Probiotic Rich Homemade Yogurt -Home Yogurt Incubator with Glass Jars, White
  • Save Money and Cultivate Powerhouse Probiotics – Prepare rich and creamy, all-natural yogurt at home using the Euro Cuisine yogurt maker machine. Unlike store-bought yogurts with lengthy expiration dates, easily prepare your own without preservatives or artificial additives. Craft healthy probiotics effortlessly from the comfort of your home. Your wallet and gut will thank you!
  • Unlock the Health Benefits of Homemade Yogurt - With the probiotic yogurt maker, craft yogurts that are more than just delicious—they're potential health game-changers! From skin radiance to muscle recovery, every spoonful created in the yogurt incubator is a step towards well-being. It's the best yogurt maker to prioritize your health
  • User-Friendly Yogurt Maker - No confusing buttons here! This electric yogurt maker has a clear on/off switch, indicating light, and a time reminder. It's yogurt-making without the guesswork. The transparent lid of the yogurt maker machine offers a front-row seat to the mesmerizing yogurt-making process. Making homemade yogurt has never been simpler or more rewarding
  • Craft, Store, and Savor, All in One – The included seven 6oz glass jars allow you to make up to seven different yogurt types at once. The BPA-Free lids provide airtight storage in the refrigerator, ensuring your yogurt stays fresh. And when it's time to clean up? Pop them in the dishwasher for a hassle-free cleanup
  • Unleash Your Creativity - Whether you prefer dairy, vegan, tangy, or creamy, the world's your oyster! This yogurt maker lets you customize everything, from milk type to texture. Once it's made, flavor it YOUR way. Fancy Greek yogurt? Simply strain to your desired thickness. Go on, be the yogurt maestro you've always wanted to be with peace of mind, thanks to the 3-year warranty
Automatic Yogurt Maker Machine Digital LCD Display with Constant Temperature Control 8 Glass Greek Jars and Lids 48 Ozs Stainless Steel Design for Home Kitchen Use.
  • 🍨 【Yogurt maker with Microcomputer Control & LED Display】Suteck yogurt maker machine has uniform heating - unique structure for equal heat transmission, maintaining the activation of lactobacillus.microcomputer timer and setting up to 48 HOURS, clear LED display for more precise temperature control.Temperature range is 68℉ to 131℉.
  • 🍨 【Constant Heating Technology】Suteck Yogurt Maker,PTC adopted for constant temperature and safe operation, and low power of 25W for costing saving. Yogurt production is done automatically with the voice prompt, easier to use.Storage box-type containers is BPA free, the materials certificated with EU ROHS and FDA , ensuring 100% safe and sanitary.
  • 🍨 【8 Individual Glass Jars】Suteck Yogurt Maker with temperature control,8 JARS and 8 different flavors at a time - meet the needs of the whole family. Easy for taking and storage with 6 Oz yogurt jar, enjoy a jar of delicious yogurt at home, school and office whenever you want. You can make all yoghurt such as: Greek yogurt, strawberry flavoured yogurt, vanilla yogurt, chocolate yogurt, and many more.
  • 【Healthier alternative】Home-made yogurt is healthier and fresher, you can know exactly what's going into your yoghurt, there are no nasty E-numbers, artificial colours or preservatives, just fresh, natural, tasty yoghurt for your family.
  • 🍨 【Healthier Alternative】 Yogurt is a great source of protein and calcium, and is also essential for our body. Compared to commercial yogurt, home-made yogurt is healthier and fresher, you can know exactly what's going into your yoghurt, there are no nasty E-numbers, artificial colours or preservatives, better control of sugar intake, healthier and more nutritious, just fresh, natural, tasty yoghurt for your family.
Bear Yogurt Maker, Greek Yogurt Maker Machine with Strainer and Timer Control, Stainless Steel Inner Pot, Automatic Digital with 2 Glass Jars 1 Quart for Home Organic Yogurt, Cheese, Fruit Wine
  • ❤️【STAINLESS STEEL INNER POT】: The unique 304 stainless steel inner pot and microcomputer control system creates constant and equal heating transmission, So this electric yogurt maker produces a higher dose of probiotics, which is healthier and more nutritious than commercial yogurt.Digital Automatic Yogurt Maker works on your counter-top to transform milk into regular yogurt in just a few hours.Size:7.6 x 7.6 x 7.3 inches.
  • 😀【MULTIFUNCTIONAL YOGURT MAKER】:Bear yogurt maker is equivalent to 4 machines, fruit wine maker, cheese maker, yogurt maker and greek yogurt maker. And it can also make kefir yogurt,enzyme (by using the fruit wine menu)and so on. You only need to control the fermentation time and the types of probiotics. You can refer to our recipes to make all kinds of dishes and try different yogurt textures and finish them off with your favorite strawberry jam, honey, vanilla and nuts.simple operation.
  • ⏲️【SMART MICROCOMPUTER TIMER】: The temperature will be constant for each function automatically, you can adjust the precise time up to 14h for personal taste.one-touch button and LED display function make it easier to control. It will automatic shut off with beep sound when the yogurt is ready.
  • 🥛【100-MESH Greek yogurt STRAINER & PERFECT DESIGN】:You will need to use Strainer and manually strain out the whey from the yogurt. With a food-safe greek yogurt strainer, ,you can easily transform your plain yogurt into a greek yogurt! The lid of the glass has a lock, the perfect design makes it easy to use, you don't have to work hard to tighten or loosen the lid. Featuring two 1Qt big capcity glass jars,this yogurt maker meets the needs of both the whole family and individual.
  • 🍀【HEALTHY & EASY TO CLEAN】: This yogurt maker machine is the perfect way to eat healthier, free from any colorings, food additives and preservatives. All BPA-FREE safety containers are easy-cleaning and dishwasher-safe. Comes with 1*yogurt maker, 2*1 Qt glass container, 1*strainer, 1*manual book. If the yogurt machine has any quality problems, we will replace it with a new yogurt machine to you directly, and we provide a 365-day warranty.
Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker - YMX650 Automatic Digital Yogurt Maker Machine with Set Temperature - Includes 7-6 oz. Reusable Glass Jars and 7 Rotary Date Setting Lids for Instant Storage
  • CREATE NATURAL YOGURT ON YOUR OWN: This Euro Cuisine YMX650 Digital Automatic Yogurt Maker works on your counter-top to transform milk into regular yogurt in just a few hours. It includes 7 reusable 6 oz. glass jars with rotary date setting lids for hassle-free storage.
  • SIMPLE OPERATION: Set it and forget it! Just heat up 42oz of milk, add our Euro Cuisine 5gr Yogurt Starter or 3-4 Tsp plain yogurt and set the timer. The blue LED Digital timer display will beep when your yogurt is ready. The machine will turn off automatically after 15 hours.
  • ENRICHED WITH PROBIOTICS: This electric yogurt maker produces a higher dose of probiotics, which is healthier and more nutritious than commercial yogurt. It is free from any food additives, preservatives and artificial flavors. NOTE: In order to make Greek yogurt, you will need to use our Euro Cuisine GY50 Strainer and manually strain out the whey from the yogurt.
  • A FLAVOR FOR EVERYONE: Meet the needs of the entire family with different flavors according to their likings. Whether it’s homemade strawberry jam, honey or vanilla flavoring, you’ll be in love with this machine! All containers are BPA-FREE, easy to clean and top rack DISHWASHER SAFE.
  • 3-YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: You don’t want to compromise on convenience, and you shouldn’t compromise on quality either. We guarantee this Euro Cuisine YMX650 Yogurt Machine will provide you with pleasure and will satisfy your taste buds, or we will refund your entire purchase.
LynTorin Yogurt Maker, 34oz Yogurt Maker Machine with Timer and Constant Temperature Control, 3 in 1 Automatic Yogurt Makers with Stainless Steel Inner Pot, Yogurt Machine for Yogurt Natto Rice Wine
  • 【AUTOMATIC MULTIFUNCTIONAL YOGURT MAKER】LynTorin yogurt maker has fully automatic program with LED screen and sensitive touch buttons. Auto turn off with sound alert, making yogurt without supervision. It's a yogurt machine with highly safe, energy efficient and quiet operation. It's also a natto maker, rice wine maker. Also be used to make Greek yogurt and cheese (strainer is not included).
  • 【CONSTANT TEMPERATURE CONTROL & TIMER】constant temperature heating is a crucial point for yogurt fermentation, this automatic yogurt maker has 360° uniform heat conduction, create a constant temperature environment, helps to fully awaken trillions of active probiotics, ferment good mellow yogurt. All 3 functions are preset for optimal fermentation temperatures based on laboratory data. Time is adjustable according to your needs. Yogurt from 8-12h,Natto from 18-24h,Rice Wine from 36-42h.
  • 【HEALTHY HOMEMADE ORGANIC YOGURT】compared to commercial yogurt, homemade yogurt does not contain any food additives, artificial colors and preservatives, better control of sugar intake.And yogurt is a great source of protein and calcium, and is also essential for our digestive system,health and keeping shape. Affordably improving family health, LynTorin yogurt machine is a good choice.
  • 【FOOD GRADE MATERIAL & COMPACT DESIGN】The stainless steel inner pot is sturdy and not fragile, with good heat conduction, suitable for fermentation, no odor left, reusable, and easy to clean. Transparent lid allows for a clear view of the internal fermentation situation without affecting the fermentation by opening the lid. Exquisite and compact appearance saves space, making it perfect for home use or as a gift.
  • 【2 YEARS WARRANTY】You deserve a better life without having to compromise on the quality of the product. We offer a 2 years warranty, if there is any problem with the product, please contact us and we can replace it with a new set. Reading the manual will help you to use this yogurt maker better.
JoyMech Yogurt Maker, Compact Greek Yogurt Maker Machine with Constant Temperature Control, Stainless Steel Container, 1 Quart for Home Organic Yogurt
  • [HOMEMADE YOGURT]: Try your hand at Classic yogurt, Greek yogurt, French Yogurt and More. Be Creative with your toppings.
  • [EASY TO USE]: Simply add whole milk and probiotics powder, plug in, and ferment it for 12 hours, then your yummy yogurt is done.
  • [MELLOW & MILD TASTE]: The 3D Constant Temperature Control System makes probiotics ferment evenly, will bring a milder taste to your yogurt.
  • [FAMILY CAPACITY]: Make 25 -30 fl oz of yogurt per batch, enough for a family to share.
  • [SIMPLICITY DESIGN]: Transparent Cover with Air Switch, White Machine Body with Matte Finish (BPA Free), and Food Grade Stainless Steel Container. Low Energy Consuming. No noise.
LynTorin Yogurt Maker, Automatic Digital Yogurt Maker Machine with Adjustable Temperature & Time Control, Stainless Steel Cheese Maker, Fruit Wine Maker with LCD Display
  • 【MICROCOMPUTER CONTROL & LCD DISPLAY】LynTorin yogurt maker machine has automatic program with LCD display, auto turn off with sound alert, making yogurt without supervision. The yoghurt machine let yogurt making very easy, add lactic acid bacteria or yogurt into milk, stir well, start the machine, then get healthy homemade yogurt. Time can adjust from 1-48 hours, temperature from 68-131℉. LCD display shows the working temperature and remaining working time.
  • 【CONSTANT HEATING TECHNOLOGY】constant temperature heating is a crucial point for yogurt fermentation, this automatic yogurt maker has 360° uniform heat conduction, create a constant temperature environment, helps to fully awaken active probiotics, ferment good mellow yogurt. Power of 25W, quiet, energy saving, high security.
  • 【8 INDIVIDUAL GLASS JARS】8pcs jars with total volume of 1440ml(48oz), 180ml(6oz)for each one. Same energy consumption and time, but can ferment more yogurt.One production meet needs of a week, and can make 8 different flavors of yogurt. Separate jars for easy storage and avoid contamination. Share the yogurt with family, or bring to office, school, gym... enjoy homemade organic yogurt anywhere anytime.
  • 【HOMEMADE ORGANIC YOGURT】yogurt is a great source of protein and calcium, and is also essential for our digestive system, compared to commercial yogurt, homemade yogurt does not contain any food additives, artificial colors or preservatives. Better control of sugar intake, healthier and more nutritious, suitable for all people. If you want to be more aware of your food intake, or to stay in shape, LynTorin yogurt maker is a good choice.
  • 【HEALTHY FOOD-GRADE MATERIAL】all containers are BPA-Free. the stainless steel body is durable, anti-rust, anti-corrosion. Compare with stainless steel and ceramic, glass is more stable, won't react with acidic food, heat conduction evenly, will not leave odors and stains. With transparent machine lid, you can see the fermentation state at a glance, no need to lift the cover to affect the fermentation process.
Yogurt Maker, Greek Yogurt Maker with Adjustable Time, Yogurt Maker Machine with 1 Quart Glass Jars and Strainer for Yogurt, Greek Yogurt, Natto, Rice Wine (White)
  • Multifunctional Yogurt Maker: The DIDIMO yogurt maker can create four delicious foods, including yogurt, greek yogurt, natto, and rice wine, achieving a versatile performance. By controlling the fermentation time and temperature, you can easily produce various tasty yogurts. Say goodbye to expensive supermarket yogurts and enjoy healthy DIY yogurt.
  • Meet Your DIY Needs: The yogurt maker machine features adjustable time and constant temperature control, effortlessly meeting your DIY demands. Additionally, the greek yogurt maker utilizes intelligent microcomputer temperature control, 360° heat conduction function, resulting in even more delicious yogurt. The portable yogurt maker is perfect for yogurt enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals.
  • Safe and Non-toxic: The fermentation tank is made of high borosilicate materials, which is safe, non-toxic, high temperature resistant and has strong stability. We provide a yogurt strainer that allows you to manually filter the whey from the yogurt, easily transforming regular yogurt into greek yogurt! Furthermore, it comes with a 1 quart large-capacity glass jar to meet both family and individual needs.
  • Easy to Clean: The electric yogurt makers includes 1*yogurt maker, 1*1quart glass container, 1*strainer, and 1*manual book. Apart from the yogurt maker, all other accessories can be disinfected with boiling water. You can use a wrung-out damp cloth to clean the inner walls of the yogurt maker.
  • Quality Service: We offer top-notch service. If you encounter any issues while using our product, please contact us immediately. We promise to respond to your inquiries within 24 hours, ensuring you receive timely assistance and solutions.
[Bear Greeks] 2.4L Gguduck Greek yogurt Maker, with ultra fine Nylon Mesh Strainer. 2.4Qt thick and creamy greek yogurt, high protein snack, Eco-Zen material container
  • ATTENTION : This is a Whey Strainer + Container (non-eletronic), NOT a yogurt maker.
  • [Home Made GREEK Yogurt] Turn up to 2.4L of plain yogurt into 1.5Ib(720g) of thick, creamy Greek yogurt in 18 hours by strainer whey from the plain yogurt.
  • [Ultra Fine Mesh] Our unrivaled filter chamber separates the whey from both the bottom and sides, making it unlikely that the whey will flow back. The whey separates completely.
  • [BPA Free Materials] The container is made of eco-friendly Eco-zen and can hold up to 800ml of whey. Made from high grade materials BPA free.
  • [Easy to Clean] You can easily wash it in running water using a soft sponge. It is also dishwasher available (100 degree heat resistance test completed)

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