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BlissTrends Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work-Versatile Foot Stool with Washable Cover-Comfortable Footrest with 2 Adjustable Heights for Car,Home and Office to Relieve Back,Lumbar,Knee Pain-Black
  • 【Comfortable Experience】The BlissTrends foot rest has two layers: the lower layer measures 16.2"*9.9"*2.0", and the upper layer is 3.7" thick. The foot stool is ergonomically designed with sufficient height and curvature to better relieve the pressure on your limbs and discomfort when sitting for long periods of time.
  • 【Adjustable Height】Our foot rest is a two-piece set with magic tapes between the upper and lower layers so you can adjust the height of the foot rest according to your usage needs. When you want to adjust the thickness of the foot rest, you only need to pull the zipper and magic tapes between the two layers of the foot rest to switch the thickness.
  • 【Easy to Clean】The cover of the foot rest is installed with a zipper and it can be easily removed for machine washing. The foot rest’s fabric is easy to clean. The foot rests are perfect for the office. You only need to wash regularly, you can enjoy the comfort of the foot rests for a long time.
  • 【High Quality Material】The core of the foot pillow is made of high quality foam, which is supportive and does not easily collapse or lose shape. The bottom of the foot pillow is made with a non-slip design, which ensures that the foot pillow does not easily shift when being used.
  • 【Multiple Use Options】The foot rest can be used under your feet or behind your knees. Whether in the office or on the go the foot rest can make sitting more comfortable. Also great as an airplane footrest. You will gradually develop the correct sitting habits in the process of using the foot rest under desk at work, which can effectively relieve the pressure on your spine and allow your body to be more stretched.
StepLively Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work, Comfortable Foot Stool with 2 Adjustable Heights, Footrest with Washable Cover, for Back & Hip Pain Relief, Suitable for Office, Home and Car (Black)
  • [Comfortable Experience] Steplively foot rest has two layers: the lower layer is 2.0" thick, and the upper layer is 3.7" thick. The ergonomic design of the foot rest gives you freedom to choose the proper height according to your needs and to better relieve the pressure on your limbs for long periods of sitting.
  • [Adjustable Height] StepLively foot rest has two-piece removable footrest with magic tapes between the upper and lower layers so that you can adjust the height of the foot rest according to your usage needs. When you want to add the height of the foot stool, you only need to pull the zipper and magic tapes between the two layers of the foot rest to switch the thickness for a higher height. Want it lower? Simply remove the bottom flat piece.
  • [High Quality] The core of StepLively foot pillow is made of high-quality foam, which is supportive and does not easily collapse or lose shape. The bottom of the foot pillow is made with a non-slip design, which ensures that the foot pillow does not easily shift when being used. The cover of the foot pillow is made of machine washable velvet fabric, which is attractive and comfortable.
  • [Easy to Clean] The cover of the StepLively foot rest is installed with a zipper so that it can be easily removed for machine washing. When the cover of foot rest is dirty, simply wash in the washing machine. The foot rest‘s fabric is enduring that ensures the foot rest cannot be destroyed even after many uses and washes.
  • [Multi-Use] StepLively foot rest not only can be used as the traditional footrest under desk, but also may be used under the knee on a bed or sofa to provide extra support for lower back pain while lying down or sleeping. Flip it over and it turns into a rocking pedal to help you relax and relieve stress or boredom. The bottom of the foot rest has an anti-slip design, so you don't have to worry about the foot rest shifting when using it.
CasaZenith Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work - Ergonomic Foot Stools for Under Office Desk - Rocking Footrest with Roller Massager - Leg Rest for Chair, Computer Gaming - Promote Leg Circulation
  • 👍Ergonomic Office footrest: High-quality footstools under the table provide all-day comfort. Our ergonomic footrest relieves shoulder and leg pain. Keeping your feet and legs elevated will help improve your posture. Rest your legs at work or when resting at home after a long day at the office.
  • 👍Comfort & Adjustability: Our footrests can be adjusted to a variety of angles for unparalleled comfort and are easily controlled with just a gentle push of your calf. Its unique design reduces leg pressure, improves posture, and relieves fatigue from prolonged sitting.
  • 👍Durable and Easy to Clean: Our footrest stool is made of premium thickened pp material, the bottom has a non-slip pad design so that it will not easily slide, and can be directly cleaned. Very convenient.
  • 👍Textured surface with Massage and Rollers: Our massage footstool can be used for foot rest, which can promote blood circulation, the design of the roller meets the needs of office workers to relieve stress, and the feet move with the roller to get more relaxed and cozy feeling.
  • 👍Portable & Lightweight: Snap-on design, easy to assemble, no other tools required. Can easily fit into backpacks and handbags without taking up too much space. You can easily carry this footrest to the office, home, or travel.
Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work,Office Desk Accessories with Soft Foam and Washable Removable Cover, Foot Stool for Office, Car, Home to Foot Support and Relax Ankles, Black
  • [Ergonomic Design]: Ergonomically designed into a drop-shaped foot rest that perfectly fits the arch of the foot and provides 100% comfort with perfect support for the arches. Helps to promote good sitting posture for better posture and blood circulation.
  • [Desk Accessories] The office foot rest measures 16.14’’x10.24’’x4.72’’, satisfying the foot size of all people, suitable for desks, sofas, gaming chairs, reading desks, dining tables, etc. The under-desk footrest is very soft and can provide you with unparalleled comfort.
  • [High-quality Inner Core Foot Rest]: Unlike hard plastic foot rest, CloudBliss high-quality inner core office desk footrest pillow provides all-day comfort while you are working, soft and won't deform, reducing knee joint pressure and effectively relieving foot fatigue.
  • [Anti-Slip Bottom] Our foot stool is suitable for any material floor, whether it is hardwood or smooth tile, the foot rest for under desk at work will stay where you need and will not slide, providing lasting support for your feet.
  • [Easy to Clean] The soft and comfortable fabric of the foot rest is resistant and easy to clean. The removable cover with zipper can be easily detached for machine washing, which is very convenient. Please do not wash the memory foam.
ComfiLife Ergonomic Under Desk Foot Rest for Office Use – Adjustable Height Memory Foam Foot Stool Under Desk for Office Chair & Gaming Chair – for Back & Hip Pain Relief (Black)
  • Pain Relief and Support for Back, Hip, Legs, Knees & Feet – If you are working or sitting at a desk most hours of the day, you are bound to feel the effects on your body after prolonged periods of time. A ComfiLife footrest will help reduce back and sciatica pain by easing pressure on your lower back and hips. Our footrest will also ensure proper foot placement while sitting, which will help improve blood circulation to the legs and ease pain over time.
  • Ultimate Comfort at Your Desk – One size doesn't fit all! With its larger size and adjustable height our plushy memory foam cushion will make it easy to stretch your feet to any desired height, roll your ankles when they are feeling stiff, or easily allow for any movement that is needed while sitting.
  • Premium High Density Memory Foam – ComfiLife footrests are made from the high-quality memory foam which will easily conform to the shape of any size feet and provide plush comfort with or without shoes. Our footrest materials are more comfortable and supportive than those made from plastic or cheap foam and will provide natural support to your legs and feet for years to come. The cover is easily removable and machine washable so you can enjoy it without worries.
  • Multi-Purpose – ComfiLife footrests can be used for more than just elevating your feet. You can also use our foam footrest underneath your knees for support while laying down or flip it over and use it as a rocker for underneath your chair. Since it is made from lightweight foam materials, you can easily take it with you on the go. You can bring our footrest on a plane, when working in the office, or just if you want to work on your laptop on the couch.
HUANUO Adjustable Under Desk Footrest, Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work with Massage, Foot Stool Under Desk with 3 Height Position & 30 Degree Tilt Angle Adjustment for Home, Office
  • Ergonomic Office footrest - Helps to improve posture by keeping your feet and legs elevated. Rest your legs in your office while working, or at home after a long day, Man Gifts as Office Desk and PC Gaming Accessories
  • Adjustable Height - Height is manually adjustable to 3 different positions: 4.3" , 5.5 ", 6.7" (11cm/14 cm/17cm). Super easy for you to find the perfect position to suit your needs
  • Easy Angle Adjustment - Tilts -30°- +30°to support your legs at your preferred angle. The Angle can't be fixed, which rocks back and forth which encourages leg movement
  • Massage Textured Surface - Comes with a large non-skid surface (18" X 13"), free-floating platform texture made up of geometric circular bumps for enhanced stress reduction during the work day. Perfect for office and home use
  • Pre-Assembled For Use- This adjustable foot rest is pre-assembled for immediate use. Non slip feet enhances overall stability. Sturdy construction offer you comfortable experience while you’re working or studying
CushZone foot rest,desk & Gaming accessories,foot rest for under desk at work,Comfortable Footrest with 2 Adjustable Heights & removable cover, Office Desk Accessories(Grey)
  • [Non-Slip Bottom]: The non-slip bottom of our footrests ensures stability and prevents slipping while you work or rest. This feature gives you added safety and peace of mind, keeping your feet in place.
  • [Adjustable Height]: The two-piece removable footrest can be used together for a total height of 6 inches or detached for individual use, allowing you to adjust them to your liking for proper seating posture, and may be used to stretch your feet to any desired height.
  • [Easy to Clean]: The removable cover makes it easy to keep the footrest clean. Simply unzip the cover and throw it in the washer for quick and easy cleaning. No more worrying about dust or stains staining your footrests!
  • [Muti-Purpose and Practical]: Our footrest is suitable for a variety of occasions, including home offices, workplaces, and even during travel. Its ergonomic design and adjustable height feature make it suitable for people of different heights and sitting positions.
  • [High-Quality]: Our footrests are made of high quality materials for durability. The sturdy construction ensures stability and durability, while the removable cover adds convenience and extends the product's lifespan.
Everlasting Comfort Ergonomic Foot Rest Under Desk - Office Work, Gaming Foot Elevation Pillow, Wedge Pillow for Legs - Provides All-Day Relief
  • Leg Elevation Pillows: Leg support pillow foot rest acts as a knee wedge pillow to elevate feet
  • Under Desk Foot Rest For Office: Designed with an ergonomic teardrop shape, it eases fatigue in feet
  • Foot Rest For Under Desk At Work: Office foot rest under desk for circulation during work or gaming
  • Supports Posture, Comfort: Our ergonomic leg support pillow lifts feet for better spinal alignment
  • Dual Functionality Under Desk Footrest: Keep it upright or flip over for a gentle rocking motion
EUREKA ERGONOMIC Tilt Adjustable Footrest, Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work with Massage Surface, Office Foot Rest Under Desk with 20 Degree Tilt No Locking, Metal Frame
  • ✔【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】–adjustable and comfortable angle to support your legs.
  • ✔【FLAT TEXTURE DESIGN】–massage foot to release your pressure.
  • ✔【FLOATING ADJUSTMENT】–0-20 ° stretch the legs to promote blood circulation.
  • ✔【SCRATCH RESISTANT】–Scratch proof rubber feet prevent the floor from being scratched and protect your feet.
  • ✔【RUBBER MANUFACTURING】–meet the world’s most rigorous chemical emissions standards,to create a healthier environment for you.
Foot Rest, Adjustable Height Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work, Ergonomic Foot Stool Under Desk for office, Under Desk Footrest with Large Roller Massage, Comfortable Desk Foot Rest for Pressure Relief
  • Foot Rest with 6 Heights Adjustable Function-This foot rest for under desk at work can be adjusted according to your height, table height, and chair height, so that you have a comfortable sitting position. There are six different heights (3.5inch, 4.3inch, 5.1inch, 5.9inch, 6.7inch, 7.5inch) of the under desk footrest to help you find the most comfy position. The height can be adjusted by turning the screws on both sides of the desk foot rest, which is easy to operate.
  • An Ergonomic Foot Stool Under Desk-It is beneficial to your body to use an ergonomically designed foot rest under desk. A footrest will raise your center of gravity of your lower body, and with the support of your feet, keep your back straight and not press on your thighs, so you can maintain a good sitting position. Regular use of the footrest for under desk can also help relieve back stress and pain, reduce fatigue from sitting, and make your day more energetic.
  • Massage Under Desk Foot Rest for Office- This ergonomic foot rest under desk comes with a large area of small particle massage surfaces and four large massage rollers. At work, put your feet on a under desk foot rest and roll the roller. This will not only massage the sole of your feet, but also promote blood circulation and let your leg relax completely. Small particle massage surfaces can be alternated with massage rollers to meet your needs.
  • Durable & Sturdy Office Foot Rest Under Desk-These black office footrests are made of premium material that make under desk foot stool more stable and durable. The four legs of the desk foot stool have non-slip pads at the bottom of the legs, which won’t slip, making it easier for you to enjoy foot massage. And, office foot rest will not warp or collapse like memory foam pads, and it is easier to clean than memory foam pads.
  • Multi-Functional Foot Rest for Under Desk-The adjustable foot rest is designed to be detachable, so you can carry it in a backpack. The portable design allows you to leave your under the desk foot rest at home, in the office, or even on planes and trains, so you can enjoy a foot massage anywhere.This feet rest for under desk is great for both adults and teenagers to improve their setting posture and relax their legs.

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