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AUVON Gel Wheelchair Seat Cushion, Relieve Sciatica, Back, Coccyx, Pressure Sore and Ulcer Pain, Refreshing & Ergonomic Chair Cushion with Waterproof Silk Fabric, Anti-Slip Cover, Removable Strap
  • Long-sitting without Stuffiness. This seat cushion features larger gel coverage (16.4'' x 14.9'') and 3X thicker gel blocks on the market. Adopting breathable memory foam, premium cool tech fabric for ample airflow enhances the cooling effect and meets your relaxation needs. AUVON offers this gel wheelchair seat cushion to save you from long sitting without stuffiness.
  • Ergonomic Support & Relief. With ergonomic & premium memory foam*, this coccyx cushion effectively helps solve the back pain caused by prolonged sitting. The U-shaped design leaves enough space for pressure relief on the tailbone; the temperature-sensitive memory foam offers long-lasting support; the slope design provides adequate support for thighs and promotes your lower body blood flow. *(May feel firmer and less comfortable under 68℉ due to temperature-sensitive memory foam.)
  • Fresh & Clean Easily. The cover of this back and butt pillow was designed with a waterproof membrane, which protects the memory foam from sweat or urine and stays clean and fresh easily. *To preserve the quality of the cover, please wash it separately on a gentle cycle with cold water (ideally between 65°F and 85°F) to prevent damage. After washing, please air dry to maintain its fibers. High temperatures should be avoided to ensure the cover's longevity and appearance, and do not wash memory foam.
  • Safety & Convenience Combination. The office cushion features a double anti-slip design with large anti-slip particles on the bottom and an adjustable strap, making it securely fix to your chair. With the sciatica cushion built-in handle for easy carry, whether for home use or outdoors, you can enjoy long-sitting comfort everywhere.
  • Built for Daily Seat. This pressure relief cushion (18" x 16" x 3") fits most wheelchairs for adults, and it can turn seats of office chairs, car seats, and dining chairs into comfortable seats. AUVON ensures your sitting cooling comfort every day and every seat.
AUVON Ventilation Seat Cushion with Innovation Heat Dissipation Design, Anti-bedsore Wheelchair Cushion with Supportive Memory Foam, Waterproof & Anti-slip Cover, Improve Lower Back & Tailbone Comfort
  • Innovative Ventilation System for Pressure Sore Prevention. This wheelchair seat cushion is designed to provide innovative comfort through a heat dissipation system consisting of 30 air holes and 11 ventilated grooves. Even if you have to sit in a wheelchair for a long time, this cushion can help prevent stuffiness and reduce the risk of bedsores.
  • Supportive Memory Foam. This chair cushion's high quality memory foam provides long-lasting comfort, molding to your shape while preventing flattening over time. It can well relieve lower back, coccyx, and sciatica pain caused by long-sitting.
  • Skin-Friendly and Water-Proof Cover. This wheelchair cushion is designed for everyday use and features a skin-friendly, high-quality short plush fabric cover. The anti-slip butt cushions come with a waterproof membrane to protect the inner memory foam, ensuring a dry and comfortable sitting experience and prolonging the lifespan of the cushion. **To preserve the quality of the cover, please wash it separately on a gentle cycle with cold water (ideally between 65°F and 85°F) to prevent damage. After washing, please air dry to maintain its fibers. High temperatures should be avoided to ensure the cover's longevity and appearance, and do not wash memory foam.
  • Universal Fit for Chairs. This tailbone cushion fits most wheelchairs (around 17"-18" long and 16"-17" wide) and can also upgrade any hard chair into a comfy seat. It is also suitable for people weighing more than 200 lbs. If you have severe bedsores, please consult your healthcare provider before use (seat Cushion Size: 18 x 16 x 3 in).
  • Safe & User-Friendly Design. This desk chair cushion includes a convenient carrying handle, allowing you to effortlessly take it with you wherever you go. Additionally, its anti-slip bottom ensures that the coccyx cushion remains in place, so you no longer need to worry about it moving around.
AUVON Wheelchair Seat Cushions (18"x16"x3") for Sciatica, Back, Coccyx, Pressure Sore and Ulcer Pain Relief, Memory Foam Pressure Relief Cushion with Removable Strap, Breathable & Waterproof Fabric
  • Secure and Safe. To improve the safety of users in the wheelchair for daily activities, we designed a non-slip bottom and added a detachable strap to help fasten the wheelchair cushion. AUVON medium memory foam cushion (18" x 16" x 3") fits wheelchairs or seats around 17"-18" long and 16"-17" wide, like office chairs, car seats, and dining chairs. (Consult your healthcare provider before use.)
  • Superior Memory Foam. As prolonged sitting increases tailbone pressure, this chair cushion uses superior memory foam, which better responds to your body heat, evenly distributes weight and relieves your tailbone pain and spinal pain.
  • Waterproof & Breathable. The cover was strategically designed with a layer of waterproof membrane, which protects the memory foam from sweat or urine and can be removed for machine washing (do not wash the memory foam). The butt cushion also features vent holes that allow for ample airflow and never trapped body heat.
  • Ergonomic Design. The unique U-cutout design floats your tailbone and hence alleviates pressure and minimizes coccyx pain. The slope and contoured surface shapes your lower body while providing support for your thigh with optimal comfort
  • Reliable Comfort with 2 Year Warranty. This wheelchair seat cushion comes with a hassle-free return policy and a 2-year warranty, we prioritize your satisfaction and peace of mind.
Drive Medical 14886 Skin Protection Gel "E" Wheelchair Seat Cushion
  • Gel Seat Cushion: Gel wheelchair cushion with pressure redistributing design assists in the prevention, treatment and management of pressure ulcers
  • Liquid Gel Core: Viscous gel bladder of this wheelchair cushion is encased in a fire retardant polyurethane foam shell and provides optimal pressure redistribution, support, and comfort
  • Waterproof: Removable and replaceable top cover of the seat cushion is a urethane-coated nylon that is low-shear, vapor permeable and water-resistant; non-slip vinyl base is also waterproof vinyl that ensures durability
  • Dimensions: 18 inches in length, 16 inches in width, 3 inches in height; weight capacity: 275 pounds
AUVON Anti-slip Wheelchair Cushions with Front High Rear Low & Hump Design, Ergonomic Seat Cushion to Optimize Sitting Posture, Chair Cushions Relieve Sciatica, Back, Pressure Sore & Ulcer Pain
  • Ergonomic Wheelchair Cushion. Not all seat cushions are suitable for wheelchairs but AUVON's. This sciatica pain relief cushion is specially made for wheelchair users. Based on ergonomic principles, the butt cushion features a front high, rear low design to relieve your lower body pressure and optimize your sitting posture scientifically (consult your healthcare provider before use).
  • Triple Anti-slip Designs for Enhanced Safety. The anti-slip performance of seat cushion for tailbone pain relief is significant for wheelchair users as we know. Designed to minimize the risk of sliding forward, this sciatica pain relief cushion adopts anti-slip bottom and hump design matching with the adjustable straps to offer stable support and enhanced safety for wheelchair users.
  • Breathable & Waterproof Performance. The orthopedic seat cushion features ventilated memory foam with air holes to reduce stuffy feelings and risks of pressure sore and ulcers from long sitting. The inner waterproof membrane prevents sweat or urine from eroding the memory foam. *To preserve the quality of the cover, please wash it separately on a gentle cycle with cold water (ideally between 65°F and 85°F) to prevent damage. After washing, please air dry to maintain its fibers. High temperatures should be avoided to ensure the cover's longevity and appearance, and do not wash memory foam.
  • Tailbone Pressure Relief & Care. The tailbone cushion features a U-shaped cutout to reduce tailbone compression and provide extra protection for your sciatic nerve. The memory foam cushion is the "long-sitting saver" to relieve the sitting discomfort of wheelchairs.
  • Wide Compatibility for Convenient Use. AUVON seat cushion for back pain (18" x 16" x 3") fits most wheelchairs around 17"-18" long and 16"-17" wide, and it can turn seats of scooters, office chairs, car seats, and dining chairs into comfortable seats. Warm reminder again: Attach additional straps for enhanced stability.
DMI Seat and Chair Cushion for Office Chairs, Wheelchairs, Scooters, Kitchen Chairs or Car Seats, FSA HSA Eligible, for Support and Height while Reducing Stress on Back, Tailbone or Sciatica
  • SEAT CUSHION easily adds support, comfort, and height to any chair or hard surface. CHAIR CUSHION aids good posture and assists with the natural curve of the spine by evenly distributing weight and offloading pressure on spinal discs
  • CUSHION provides a natural, upright seated position without pain. The ergonomic design helps to increase blood flow and assists with pain in the lower back, neck, tailbone, shoulders and legs as well as muscle fatigue and sciatica
  • SEAT RISER works with any chair and is made of durable, lightweight, high density foam that contours to the body by reducing pressure on the back and tailbone by avoiding compression
  • LIFT CUSHION is firm, supportive and lightweight enough to carry for travel when sitting, driving or flying for long periods of time. Butt Pillow enhances comfort while retaining its shape after several uses
  • CHAIR PILLOW is made of high density foam that will not crack or crumble. CHAIR PAD also includes a removable poly/cotton machine washable cover and measures 18 x 16 x 3
YOUFI Thick Memory Foam & Gel Seat Cushion, 18"X16"X4" Large Chair Cushion for Wheelchair Mobility Scooters, with Non-slip Bottom and Carry Handle (Black)
  • SIZE 18" x 16" x 4" Super Thick Gel & Memory Foam Seat Cushion: Pressure is spread over a larger area, giving you a more comfortable fit. If you spend all day around in a seated position, this comfortable cushion is just right for you. It provides additional support you need to maintain good posture. And allows you to sit upright naturally without pain.
  • Comfort & Relief for Back, Legs, Hips, and Sciatica: Designed to provide comfort by alleviating pressure on the lower back, waist, hips, and thighs. Our wheelchair cushion also helps relieve sciatica symptoms, allowing you to power through your day. Its curve design minimizes the pressure that other chair pillows can cause to improve blood circulation.4 INCH memory foam provid adequate support and comfort,suitable for people who is overweight and need seat booster.
  • Polymer memory foam inner core: Different from other cushion which made up of two type of sponge, the 4INCH thick full memory foam core used in YOUFI cushions provides better comfort and support without flattening.If you are troubled by hemorrhoids,overweight or sciatica, choose this extra-thick cushion,the best cushion for long sitting.
  • Breathable mesh cloth cover and gel cushion layer: The zippered removable, black MESH COVER is MACHINE WASHABLE for easy cleaning.The combination of cover and gel cushion provides SUPERIOR AIR CIRCULATION AND BREATHABILITY to KEEP YOU BUTT COMFORT while you sit. Durable, stands up to tough everyday use.
  • NON SKID BOTTOM AND CARRY HANDLE - make it portable and easy to transport . Great for: Wheelchair, Office Chair, Computer Desk, Kitchen, Dining room, Living room, Recliner. Take it with you to Sporting Events to use on Benches and Bleachers. Great for Car, Truck, Train & Airplane Travel, Classrooms. Place it on the floor for Yoga, Meditation or as a Kneeling Pad Cushion for Tasks.
Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion for Chair - Wheelchair Cushions for Tailbone Relief - Chair Cushion Covers for Pressure Sores - Ventilated Gel Seat Cushion for Chair, Seniors, & Adults
  • TAILBONE COMFORT: Our ventilated gel wheelchair seat cushion has a memory foam chair cushion, is infused with gel, and functions as an efficient seat cushion for tailbone pain relief, optimally distributing weight for lower body support.
  • VENTILATED DESIGN: Among seat cushions for office chairs, this uniquely designed chair seat cushion stands out with its ventilated sections, ensuring a cool experience during long sitting sessions.
  • DEDICATED SUPPORT: The butt pillows for sitting tailbone is unlike most wheel chair cushions for seniors -- these wheelchair cushions for pressure relief target your coccyx, buttock, and lower back for reduced pressure.
  • CERTIFIED SAFE MATERIALS: These chair seat covers have trusted quality. As a seat cushion for lower back pain relief, this wheelchair seat cushions product has earned the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 label, highlighting its safety for human health.
  • HEAT RESPONSIVE CAR SEAT CUSHION: This unique gel cushion for wheelchair stands out among chair pillows by utilizing body heat to cradle your backside, providing a superior level of personlized cushioning support.
DIVECODE Wheelchair Cushions, Pressure-Preventing Accessories with Armrest. Support Coccyx &Back Non-Slip. Fits 18" Wheelchair Seat Cushion, Blue
  • SURROUNDING DESIGN - This soft, downy, polyester fiberfill Wheelchair cushions surrounds your body, including Armrest Covers,Back and Legs, with soothing comfort
  • PREVENT PRESSURE SORES-The primary purpose of a wheelchair cushion is to prevent pressure sores, which can occur when the user remains seated in one position for an extended period. Pressure sores can be painful and may lead to serious infections if not properly treated,It will distribute the weight of the user evenly, reducing pressure points and the risk of pressure sores
  • OVERSTUFFING FILLING - Stuffed with 100% Polyester Cotton, very full and heavy to sit comfortable, The wheelchair cushion is equipped with multiple straps that are specifically designed to keep it in place and prevent any displacement.
  • Measure before purchasing - This Wheelchair seat cushions fits 18'' and above wheelchairs, especially ideal for the Whole Armrest wheelchair,
  • VERSATILE USAGE - Whether it's on the chair, on the sofa, on the carpet, or on the bed, you'll feel very relaxed and warming
CYLEN Ifoam Gel Infused Memory Foam Layer Wheelchair Cushion - Seat Cushion for Wheelchair-Office Chair, Kitchen Chair, Car Seats-Pressure Sore and tailbone Pain Relief-High Dense Polyfoam Base(Black)
  • Excellent Comfort-Strategically designed coccyx cutout floats your tailbone so even those with sacrum sensitivities can sit for long periods without discomfort. The desk chair cushion distributes weight evenly and provides support where you need it most
  • Gel Construction Polyfoam / gel infused foam seat cushion-Covered in breathable mesh that can be removed for easy washing, the cushion features a cooling gel infused high dense foam that effortlessly conforms to your body’s shape.
  • SEAT RISER works with any chair and is made of durable, lightweight, high density foam that contours to the body by reducing pressure on the back and tailbone by avoiding compression
  • Security and protetion. To improve the safety of users in the wheelchair for daily activities,Our team designed a non-slip bottom,it prevents it from moving around, even when you shift in your wheelchair or scooter.
  • Size to fit any chiar.The CYLEN gel foam cushion (18" x 17" x 3") fits most wheelchairs , it can turn seats of scooter, office chair, car seat, and dining chair into comfortable seats also.

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