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Adjustable Walking Cane for Men & Women with 4-Pronged Base for Extra Stability - Foldable Cane for Seniors with Foam Padded Offset Handle for Soft Grip & a Second Handle for Standing Black
  • [STURDY & RELIABLE] - KingPavonini walking cane is made with premium aluminum alloy, make it sturdy and durable. 1.2mm extra-thick cane can support weight more than any 0.8-1.0mm thin canes to help elderly users on walking. Standard support weight 300LBs.
  • [OPTIMIZED 4-PRONGED QUAD BASE] -The size of the 4-pronged base of the walking cane has been carefully optimized for elderly and postoperative people, much more stable.The 4-pronged base is a little smaller than similar products on the market so as to avoid tripping themselves during use. It is convenient to place it stably at any time any where without hand holding.
  • [DUAL HANDLE DESIGN] - The first offset handle with foam pad for soft grip, which is non slip and more comfortable. The walking cane has a second handle for standing. If your current sitting posture is too low to get up easily, I believe it will be your good helper.
  • [SAFER HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT MODE] - The cane can be adjusted in 5 height gears from 32 inches to 37.5 inches. Add screw coupled joint in the middle, after you adjust to the proper height, tighten the screw to the right to tighten the cane. It will prevent from accidental readjustment. Once tightened, the cane feels, functions and performs like a solid rigid walking stick
  • [FOLDABLE & PORTABLE]- KingPavonini walking cane has simple structure can be folded and install easily, which is convenient for you to carry it on foot or travel. It is extremely light as a result of its material, particularly suitable for people with hand problems who find it difficult to grasp heavy objects. If not satisfied, hassle-free full refund.
KINGGEAR F1 Walking Cane for Women & Men, Lightweight & Sturdy Offset Walking Stick, Large Quad Base Walking Cane with Autonomous Standing for Seniors and People with Leg Injuries
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND STURDY - Lightweight and sturdy cane has an offset shape that provides good wrist support. The sturdy wrist strap prevents slipping accidents while in use and provides convenience when folding and storing, and weighing only 1 lbs and holding up to 300 lbs, will support you throughout your daily life
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT & NO TIPPING - Our walking cane has 6 stops of adjustable height between 31"-36" (for heights 4'9" - 6'1"), Our four-legged walking cane is mechanically designed with a wider area of force, so it stands firmly even when unoccupied and is less likely to tilt and fall
  • NON-SLIP & SILENT - Non-slip rubber head avoids making noise while preventing falls and keeping you safe. Pivoting quadruple pedal base provides better traction and supports your full weight while giving you the flexibility to walk, run and turn
  • DOCTOR RECOMMENDED - KINGGEAR has worked with doctors and scientists to develop our quality canes! We provide you with a senior cane that you can use to get around safely and walk with confidence! Don't fall anymore, lean on KingGear to make your life safer and walking easier
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - If you are not completely satisfied with your KINGGEAR Premium Walking Stick, simply return it within the first 30 days for a full refund
REHAND Quad Cane, Foldable Walking Cane for Men & Women with 4-Pronged Base for Extra Balance & Stability-Adjustable, Lightweight, Collapsible, Walking Stick for Right or Left Handed Seniors & Adults
  • SUPER STURDY AND GRACEFUL QUAD BASE: The new MOLDED design base not only looks beautiful and elegant, but also avoids the disadvantage of instability of the traditional WELDED base. The rubber foot pad are also larger than the traditional ones, which increases the ground contact area, ensures your walking's safety.
  • Up to 8 ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Rehand adjustable four pronged cane fits for people from 5' (150cm) to 6'5''(196cm). 8 adjustable height with one-inch increments makes the cane easily to be adjusted to proper height for almost all elderly and injured persons. The adjusting range of walking stick itself is from 31'' (80.6cm) to 38'' (96.5cm).
  • RELIEVE PALM PRESSURE: Compared with traditional handle padded with foam, Rehand innovative handle's hard PP material offers more supports and confidence while soft TPR material offers more comfortableness and stablenes. Beside the handle is longer and wider, it can offer bigger contact area with palm. Ergonomic hand grip can reduce palm fatigue and prevent muscle cramping dramatically.
  • WRAP IT UP: Being constructed with durable & lightweight aluminum frame, with a collapsible design, this walking stick can be wrapped up to only 16" in seconds and easily can be fitted into a briefcase, wheelchair bag. A premium tape on the cane shaft comes as standard, which can be used to tie up the cane conveniently. All thoughtful designs make carrying and storage no headache anymore.
  • The quad cane can easily be turned to fit right- or left-handed men & women and seniors.
RMS Cane Tip - Self Standing Quad Base Replacement for Most Walking Canes, Walking Sticks, Folding Canes or Offset Quad Pod or Tripod Canes - 4 Prong Rubber Cane Foot Pad (Black)
  • What's Include: One Each RMS Self Standing Rubber Quad Cane Tip.
  • FITS MOST OFFSET AND FOLDING CANES: Fits on standard 3/4" cane or walking stick. Easy installation: Remove old tip and then insert the walking cane shaft into the new quad cane base by pushing the cane downward while twisting until fully installed.
  • SELF STANDING QUAD BASE REPLACEMENT: The large 4 prong quad cane base enables your cane to be self standing without falling over.
  • ANTI SLIP AND ANTI SKID RUBBER BASE: The cane tip is made from durable and anti skid rubber, providing stability and balance on any surfaces.
  • BALANCE AND STABILITY: RMS Cane Tip provides balance and stability on most surface when properly put on the standard offset or folding canes. The cane replacement tip absorbs the shock of each step to reduce pressure in your hand and wrist.
HEALTHBAZAAR All Terrain Walking Cane for Men & Women, Lightweight, Foldable, Adjustable, Shock Absorption, Collapsible, Air Cushion Cane Tip Walking Stick for Seniors & Adults (Romance Purple)
  • Shock absorbing: HealthBazaar patented shock-absorbing system, introduces shoes' air cushion technology and enables the tips to absorb the shock of each step to reduce hand & wrist fatigue effectively. The high-quality fluorescent materials are ued for this newly designed cane tip. The tip lights itself at night, which greatly ensures the safety of night walking.(with exposure in light for certain time only, the glow cone comes to visibility in darkness.)
  • Ergonomic hand grip: HealthBazaar innovative handle is longer and wider than traditional T grip devices, and can offer bigger contact area with palm. Handle's hard PP material offers more supports and confidence while soft TPR material offers more comfortableness and stableness. Ergonomic hand grip can reduce palm fatigue and prevent muscle cramping dramatically. Colorful fashion choice makes it become to a kind of collocation for you to go out.
  • Pivot design: Cutting edge patented technology combines these 2 in 1. All terrain pivoting & slip-resistant base provides superior stability and ground contact on uneven surfaces. Multilayer rubber structure absorbs shocks and dampens the impact on the joints and muscles from shocks. Entire base system maximizes the safety in daily mobility.
  • Wrap it up: Being constructed with durable & lightweight aluminum frame, with a collapsible design, this walking stick can be wrapped up to only 13.5" in seconds and easily can be fitted into a briefcase, wheelchair bag, or even purse. A premium tape on the cane shaft and a carry bag come as standard, which can be used to tie up the cane and carry it conveniently. All thoughtful designs make carrying and storage no headache anymore.
  • 8 adjustable heights: Healthbazaar adjustable cane fits for people from 5' (152cm) to 6'5''(195cm). 8 adjustable height with one-inch increments makes the cane easily to be adjusted to proper height for almost all elderly and injured persons. The adjusting range of walking stick itself is from 2'7'' (78cm) to 3'2''(96cm).
PELEGON Quad Cane (300 lb) - Adjustable Walking Cane with A Large 4 Pronged Base for Extra Balance & Stability, Walking Canes for Seniors, Walking Cane for Men & Women, Walking Sticks (Black)
  • Enhanced Stability with a Large 4-Pronged Quad Base: Experience unparalleled support and stability with this self-standing quad cane, perfect for navigating any surface—be it smooth floors or uneven pavement. The large, four-pronged base delivers superior traction, while each prong is meticulously fitted with anti-slip rubber tips for added safety. This is more than a walking aid; it's your steadfast companion lessens the fear of falling and empowers you to step forward with confidence.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE COMFORT AND SUPPORT: Your unique needs are met with a cane that adjusts to your height and supports your weight. Feel the difference with a handle that sits comfortably in your hand, reducing stress on your joints. This is not just about walking; it's about maintaining your independence and enjoying the walks of life with a cane that feels like it was made just for you. PELEGON Walking cane is adjustable between 29.5" and 38.4" to fit short or tall men and women.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT YET STURDY: Embrace the ease of a cane that's light enough to carry effortlessly yet robust enough to support your every move, blending portability with the strength you need for daily assurance. PELEGON Quad cane weighing only 2.1 lbs yet is lab tested and can hold up to 300LB.
  • QUALITY BUILT TO LAST: Just as your spirit is resilient, so should be the tools you rely on. Our Quad Cane isn't just a walking aid; it's a durable partner that stands by you through thick and thin. Its robust construction ensures that, like the best friendships, it's built to last and remain dependable, day after day.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE: We understand that behind every question is a person seeking a solution, and behind every call is a story waiting to be heard. That's why our customer service isn't just about answering queries; it's about connecting with you, understanding your needs, and ensuring that your experience with us is as fulfilling and reassuring as the support our product provides. Because to us, excellence means seeing and valuing you.
Allay Walking Cane for Men & Women - Foldable, Adjustable, Collapsible Walking Canes for Seniors Balance, Free Standing, Pivot Tip, Heavy Duty, with Travel Bag | Walking Sticks for Seniors & Adults
  • ✔️ Ergonomic Design: Our walking cane for women is meticulously crafted with an ergonomic handle. Walking cane for men providing optimal comfort. Walking canes for seniors balance and support users of all age
  • ✔️ Adjustable Cane: Featuring a convenient collapsible cane with height mechanism, this cain can be easily customized to suit individual preferences, ensuring proper posture and stability while walking
  • ✔️ Lightweight and Durable: Constructed from high-quality, lightweight materials, our foldable cane offers exceptional durability without adding unnecessary weight, making it perfect for everyday use
  • ✔️ Non-Slip Base: Equipped with a sturdy, non-slip rubber base, our heavy duty kane provides superior traction on various surfaces, reducing the risk of slips and falls, especially in wet or uneven conditions
  • ✔️ Stylish and Versatile: Available in a range of stylish designs and colors, our folding canes for women adjustable for travel combines functionality with fashion, allowing users to express their personal style while enjoying enhanced mobility and independence
Walking Cane ATMTV Cane for Woman | Mobility & Daily Living Aids | 5-Level Height Adjustable Walking Stick | Comfortable Plastic T-Handle Portable Folding Cane with Replace Tip Green Sakura Pink
  • COLLAPSIBLE& COMPACT WALKING CANE - In order to provide a convenient option for those needing assistance, we develop this folding walking cane. It can smoothly and securely locks in place to provide extra stability while walking on any surface. Ergonomically-designed grip T-handle together provide users with maximum safety and comfort while exhibiting high quality and sustainability. This collapsible cane is compact, easily fitting into a purse, briefcase, carry on or wheelchair bag.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & ADJUSTABLE - While remaining lightweight,this folding canes set the adjustment, 5-level height adjustable 32.5'' to 36.5". Constructed with a durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum, the folding cane is exceptionally lightweight yet sturdy. The weight of the cane is 0.75lb, while safely supporting up to 250 pounds.
  • WRIST STRAP AND DOUBLE NON-SLIP BASE - This walking cane has a removable wrist strap for those moments when you need both hands.Two different styles of bases allow the crutches to play a sufficient role in different scenes.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE - Walking cane Over the years dedicated to the elderly travel convenience. Light and firm/beautiful and fashionable/easy to carry/multiple styles to choose from.
RMS Quad Cane - Adjustable Walking Cane with 4-Pronged Base for Extra Stability - Foam Padded Offset Handle for Soft Grip - Works for Right or Left Handed Men or Women (Black)
  • LARGE 4-PRONGED QUAD BASE: The quad base provides superior stability and traction on any surfaces including smooth or uneven floor or concrete pavement. Each prong is covered with a anti slip rubber cane tip for extra stability and safety. The quad base makes it a self standing cane which eliminates falling or dropping on the floor. Perfect for after surgery when you can’t bend or reach.
  • LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED: The quad base easily rotated from left to right side, the offset quad cane cane be used by left handed or right handed men or women, It’s like having two canes in one, no need to purchase two different canes.
  • OFFSET FOAM PADDED HANDLE: Ergonomic Offset Cane is padded with soft foam for a comfortable grip. This is great for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel or sore joints who need extra cushioning.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND STURDY: The cane shaft is made from corrosion resistant anodized aluminum. Weighing only 1.5 lbs, the quad cane is well constructed and sturdy to be exceptionally safe, balanced and durable. Sustains 250 lbs weight capacity.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Great for everyone, the height of the cane is adjustable between 28" and 37" to fit short or tall men or women.
Medline Aluminum Quad Cane with Small Base for Balance, Knee Injuries, Leg Surgery Recovery & Mobility, Portable, Lightweight Walking Aid for Seniors & Adults
  • COMFORT foam handle is easy to hold and provides a secure grip while walking or standing with a quad base that allows the cane to stand up on its own.
  • STURDY design with rubber pad on the bottom for slippery surfaces and improved balance and mobility while getting around from place to place.
  • RELIABLE walking aid for adults and seniors seeking minimal support while walking.
  • ASSURANCE for people with disabilities or post-op surgery, injuries, or recovery looking to maintain their independence with peace of mind and confidence.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT portable aluminum quad cane features four feet and a small base for improved stability along with height adjustment of 29 to 38 inches for a better fit; supports 300 lbs.

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