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Orbit 50021 2-Zone All-in-One Automatic Watering System
  • EFFORTLESS YARD IRRIGATION - Create a beautiful lawn with our all-in-one automatic sprinkler system kit. Water plants while away using this garden irrigation system.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE - Our sprinklers for yard feature a patented Blu-Lock tubing system for quick installation and 25% stronger connections. Get a reliable automatic watering system for your lawn.
  • HEAD-TO-HEAD COVERAGE - Enjoy a lush green lawn with our water sprinkler for lawn. The 6 gear drive sprinkler heads provide even irrigation to prevent dry spots and ensure a healthy yard.
  • SMART AND CONVENIENT - Say goodbye to manual watering. Install our automatic watering system and enjoy a well-maintained yard all season long. Ideal lawn sprinklers for yard maintenance.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Our lawn sprinklers for yards and gardens come with all the necessary components, including a digital timer and instruction manual. Effortlessly turn your hose faucet into a garden irrigation system.
Eden 98063 Multi-Adjustable Flex Design Above Ground Irrigation Garden Sprinkler System, Sprinkler & Hose, DIY Plant Watering Set
  • Easy-to-install design, great for watering the lawn, flower beds, raised gardens, vegetable gardens and more. No tools required. Suits any landscape design or garden shape to fit your watering needs.
  • The Flex Design Sprinkler Set includes: (4) fully adjustable sprinklers to place where water is needed, (1) 3-way hose connector, (1) Hose Mender, (1) hose connector, (4) extensions to increase the height by 5 inches, and (1) 50 ft. standard hose (hose diameter: 1/2 inch)
  • Each sprinkler features precise controls to adjust the spray angle, spray direction and water flow without moving the spikes
  • Adjustable ARC circle ranges from 5˚ to 360˚ to control the spray angle
  • Includes 4 extensions to increase the watering height and reach over taller plantings
Rain Bird 32HE In-Ground Pro Rotor Pop-up Sprinkler System Kit with Click-N-Go Garden Hose Connection
  • Eliminates hassle of removing and setting up garden hoses and sprinklers each time you mow
  • Sprinklers retract into the lawn for a clean, uncluttered appearance and easier mowing
  • In-ground “click-n-go” connection lets you quickly attach/detach any common garden hose to operate the system
  • Self-draining system prevents freeze damage in colder months
  • Professional grade sprinklers with 4" pop-up height to clear tall grass
GEJRIO Garden Above Ground Sprinkler System Kit for Lawn, 360° Adjustable Irrigation System, Lawn & Garden Sprinklers Watering System with 52.5FT Hose and 8 Pipe Connectors
  • ☪ 【COMPLETE LAWN SPRINKLER】Sprinklers for lawn includes:garden hoses x 1,yellow ground plug x 4,yellow quick connector x 8,yellow pacifier x 3, american standard black pacifier x 1, black pipe plug x 1 , black nozzle x 4, sealant tape x 2. Easy to install and tool-free, sprinkler system kit is perfect for watering lawns, flower beds, raised gardens, vegetable gardens and more
  • ☪ 【360° ADJUSTABLE NOZZLE】Each sprinklers for lawn is made of high quality ABS impact resistant plastic and the nozzles feature precise control from 0° to 360°. This means you can adjust the angle and direction of the spray without moving the Ground spike, and each lawn sprinkler head covers up to 840 sq. ft. at 50PSI. A water sprinkler can provide a combined coverage area of up to 1638 square feet when complete in tandem
  • ☪ 【GROUND SPIKE DESIGN】Garden watering system comes with a 7.79inch height ground spike to ensure watering height. The sprinkler nozzle tip can be inserted deep into the ground, the lawn sprinklers are hidden in the plants to achieve landscaping effect. Water sprinklers will not wobble or fall due to water pressure when watering your garden or lawn. They are especially good for delivering water to a small sun-drenched lawn or border to irrigate your pistils, grass or vegetables that need water
  • ☪ 【WIDELY & EASY TO USE】Water sprinkler comes with a widely available faucet adapter. Sprinkler system kit connects to outdoor faucets, timers, filters etc. Also, you don't have to worry about how to connect the hose. All you need to do is press the quick connector to tightly connect the hose to the yard sprinkler. The press design makes installation incredibly easy and prevents water leakage. Once water sprinkler is installed, you can simply turn on the water source and water all your plants
  • ☪ 【HIGH QUALITY WATER HOSE】The sprinkler kit comes with a 16mm/OD, 52.5ft hose for high flow rates. The hose is 20% thicker compared to standard hose, making it more resistant to leaks, pinholes, UV rays, hydrolysis, etc., increasing its service life. You can cut the hose to fit the size and shape of the area, and then connect the nozzles in series to form the perfect spray system. Sprinklers for lawn can meet your watering range needs and gardening design vision
LADER Garden Above Ground Sprinkler System Kit for Lawn, 360° Auto-Rotate Irrigation System Garden Lawn Sprinkler, Black Sprinkler with 52.5FT Hose and 8 Pipe Connectors, DIY Plant Watering Set
  • 💠【COMPLETE SPRINKLER SYSTEM KIT】This above ground sprinkler system contains the following accessories:16M Hoses x 1,Ground Spile x 4,End Cover x 1,Pipe Connector x 8, Auto-rotate Sprinkler x 4,Sealant Tape x 2,Nozzles Connector x 3,Faucet Adapter x 1 . Perfect for watering lawns, flower beds, raised gardens, vegetable gardens and other scenarios. You are no longer required to purchase extra accessories.
  • 💠【360° AUTO-ROTATE NOZZLE】The lawn irrigation system's nozzles do not need to be manually adjusted, but simply 360°rotate with the aid of water pressure to ensure that the water irrigates the entire garden. Each lawn sprinkler head has a spray diameter of up to 20m and covers an area of up to 5,024 square feet. Note when using in series: the more you connect in series the less pressure you will spray and you will need to purchase an additional pressurizer.
  • 💠【HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL】 High quality ABS impact-resistant plastic and PVC are used to make this sprinkler system kit for lawn. One of the nozzles is constructed of POM, which is resistant to wear. PP is used to make the ground spile, nozzles connector, faucet adapter, and end cover. This tough above ground sprinkler won't rust, will work for a long time without breaking down, and is corrosion resistant.
  • 💠【DURABLE WATER HOSES】 A 16 mm/OD, 52.5 foot hose is included with this lawn sprinkler system. The hose is 20% thicker compared to standard hose, making it more resistant to leaks, pinholes, UV rays, hydrolysis, etc. It has 8 water hose connectors, so you can use them to string the nozzles together using the pipe connectors to create the ideal sprinkler system after cutting the hose to meet the size and shape of the area. For sprinklers, 4-6 BAR of water pressure is appropriate.
  • 💠【EASY TO INSTALL】 To complete the installation, simply connect the hose to the hose fitting, then to sprinkler system kit for lawn, and finally to the ground with the ground stake. Includes three adjustable ground plugs and 52.5ft. hose, making it easy to customize the spacing and placement of each ground plug to your specific needs. This sprinkler system is widely used in gardens, vegetable gardens, courtyards and other places.
MIXC 230FT Drip Irrigation System,Quick Connector Garden Watering System Automatic Sprinkler System Kit for Lawn Raised Bed Greenhouse Plant Watering System with 1/4'' Tubing,Drip Emitters,Connectors
  • ✔Comprehensive Drip Irrigation Kit:MIXC drip irrigation system, equipped with a versatile range of components, caters to all your garden watering needs.Includes essential parts such as 197ft 1/4'' irrigation tube, 33ft 1/2'' irrigation tube, 1/2‘’ Lock Barbed Tee connectors, drip emitter streams, vortex emitters, Blue Mist Nozzles, Quick connection tees, Faucet Connector, and more.
  • ✔Innovative Quick Connector Technology:Featuring a new quick connector design, our plug-and-play irrigation tube ensures a secure fit, preventing leaks and making installation a breeze.Takes only 10 minutes from setup to full operation, saving you time and effort.
  • ✔Efficient Water Distribution Setup:Establish a 3/4 connection from your water source to the watering area.Utilize the 1/2-inch irrigation tubing as the mainline, branching off with the 1/4-inch drip irrigation tubing.Connect up to 32 drip irrigation emitters for comprehensive coverage.
  • ✔3 Kind Of Irrigation Systems: This irrigation set includes 3 kinds of drip emitters, the drip emitter can adjust different irrigation modes such as microdroplets, sprays, watering, etc. The precise watering system can solve the watering of plants in different locations, each spray The water nozzles can all be individually adjusted for the amount of water according to their settings and needs.
  • ✔Versatile Applications for Every Garden:Designed for various outdoor spaces, including lawn irrigation, patios, gardens, vegetable beds, roof cooling, agriculture, flower beds, plant greenhouses, swimming pool mist cooling, and raised beds.This new drip irrigation kit is your all-in-one solution for a thriving and well-maintained garden.
Landtouch Drip Irrigation System, Garden Watering System with Adjustable Drip Emitters Misting Sprinkler, Efficient Sprinkler System Kit for Flower Bed, Raised Bed, Greenhouse, Lawn
  • Unlock gardening success with our easy-to-use Drip Irrigation Kit: 10*Vortex Emitters, 10*Spray Emitters, 10*Misting Nozzles, 10* ¼ inch tubing tee connectors, 10*supporting stakes, 40ft flexible & durable ½ inch irrigation tubing, 100ft ¼ inch Drip Irrigation Tubing, 6* ¼ Tubing Tee Splitter, 15* ¼ inch port end plug, 2* ½ tubing connectors(to faucet hose), 2* ½ tubing end plug.
  • An ultimate solution for effortless, efficient watering. Not barbed connector, all use quick connector to let you plug and play in minutes. Compare to the traditional barbed drippers, save 80% installation time, and labor. Turely maximize your time and garden's potential. Comes with user-friendly paper and video instructions, making it accessible for gardeners of various skill levels.
  • Slash your water bill without sacrificing your garden's health! By delivering water directly to the roots of plants, these kits minimize water wastage through evaporation, runoff, and overspray associated with traditional watering methods like sprinklers. You can adjust the emiters to ensure that only the necessary amount of water reaches each plant, preventing excess usage and reducing water bills.
  • Empower your gardening journey with our customizable Drip Irrigation Kits, offering flexibility and control to suit your unique plant needs. The 1/2 inch tubing provide a maximum 200 GPH flow rate output, using 1/4 inch tubing as branch to extend, perfectly comes with various components including emitters, connectors, and stakes, allowing you to customize the layout according to your garden's specific needs.
  • Say goodbye to the tedious task of watering your garden by hand during hot summer. Once set up this drip irrigation system in your garden, you can enjoy more leisure time in the shade while your garden thrives, all while conserving water and reducing your environmental impact.
Melnor 65191AMZ Adjustable Spike Set Sprinkler Bundle, Green, Yellow
  • Able to adjust angle, direction, and range
  • Three fully adjustable sprinklers to water right where it’s needed
  • Two 15’ durable hoses for custom sprinkler placement
  • Covers up to 1, 800 sq. ft. with gentle watering, great for the lawn, flower beds, or vegetable gardens
  • Backed by a Melnor Limited 2-Year Warranty. We stand behind our products.
RESTMO Flexible Sprinkler System, Above Ground DIY Irrigation Kit, Multi-Adjustable Lawn Sprinkler Set, Ideal for Plant and Flower Bed Watering, 50ft Garden Hose Included
  • 【 Flexible Sprinkler Set】This ARC-N-RANGE sprinkler set is designed to provide a flexible watering solution for your lawn grass, flower beds, raised gardens, vegetable and more. Easy to install with no tools. Whatever your garden shape/landscape is, this flexible sprinkler system has you covered.
  • 【Adjustable Sprinkler】Each sprinkler can be adjusted from 10°-360° spraying angle, off-max flow control, and 360° spray direction. The package includes 4 riser (5 inches), which can extend the sprinkler to reach tall plants.
  • 【Wide Coverage】At 50 psi, each sprinkler covers up to 800 sq. ft. Once you arrange all the 4 sprinklers in one hose water circuit, the coverage will decrease on the subsequent sprinklers because water pressure gradually decrease when water flow through the hose. The whole 4 sets offer a combined coverage area up to 1600 sq. ft at 50 psi.
  • 【Durable Material】Constructed with premium material, this sprinkler set is solid & strong to withstand hard impacts & heavy force. A long-lasting sprinkler system you can count on many years.
  • 【Packing List】This ULTRA-FLEXIBLE ARC-N-RANGE SPRINKLER SET includes: 4 x 360° adjustable sprinklers, 4 x 5-inch riser, 1 x 50ft 1/2” garden hose, 1 x 3-way hose connector, 4 x 1/2” male thread hose connector, 3 x 1/2” female thread hose connector, 1 x 1/2” hose extender, 2 x end cap.
Orbit 27884Z All in One Above-Ground System Sprinkler, Blue/Gray(Above Ground All-in-One Sprinkler Kit)
  • EFFORTLESS ABOVE-GROUND SPRINKLER SYSTEM: Create a custom sprinkler system for your lawn without the hassle of underground installation; no digging required!
  • PORTABLE SYSTEM: A sprinkler system you can easily move about your yard.
  • CUSTOM LAYOUT: Perfect for hard-to-water, odd-shaped areas
  • FLOW-THROUGH CROSS: The innovative cross design lets you connect hoses from three different outlets, giving you the flexibility to rearrange the system based on your yard shape and adjust the spray heads to target specific areas for efficient watering.
  • ADJUSTABLE NOZZLES: Each sprinkler waters up to a 24-ft. diameter and is adjustable from a full to partial circle.

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