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Movocrooi Rechargeable Hearing Aids for Sound Gain of 35dB, No Whistling & Noise Cancelling Hearing Amplifiers Devices for Adults Hearing Loss , LED Power Display Charging Box with Magnetic Contact
  • 【Hear Clearly without Distortion】: Our hearing aids are with advanced digital chip,peak sound gain +35dB! It is designed for mild to moderate hearing loss! amplify speech while filtering out feedback and white noise, Feel free to engaging with your surroundings, conversation, watching TV, hear outside birds, kids laughing, hunting sounds, etc.
  • 【Invisible & Comfortable】: Compared to traditional hearing aids, its mini-appearance is sleek, small, and virtually invisible with earphones, and you won't have any embarrassing gazes when you use it. The hearing aids are ergonomically designed, fits the ear canal, is not easy to fall off all while comfortably floating inside of your ears.
  • 【Portable Charging Box & LONGEST LASTING】 - With a sleek, pocket-sized wireless charging case, you can fast charge it anytime. Save time to replace batteries, and save worries about out of power. It can be used for 25 hours after charging for 2.5 hours. It is easy to carry and can be put into pocket.
  • 【One-click Control】: Dual microphone intelligent noise reduction and Sound gain. It has 3 leves volume to adjust, Just click the control button to adjust the volume of different gears. A long press turns on/off the hearing aid device.
  • 【After-sales Service】: At the core of the HAJJ concept is the principle of quality, and performance. If you are unsatisfied with our product, please feel free to contact us and we will reply within 24 hours. We will give you the best service.
Dellona High-Performance Hearing Aids for Seniors Severe Hearing Loss, (Pair) Rechargeable Hearing Aids, Comfort Design Hearing Aid, Hearing Aids for Seniors Rechargeable with Noise Cancelling, PSAP Hearing Amplifier to Aid and Assist Hearing,(Beige)
  • ✅ Better Hearing Daily — This Dellona hearing aids for seniors - hearing amplifier set has 4 modes of noise reduction. Control your electronic hearing aid earbuds - old school Otc hearing aid amplifier devices - with the push of a button to suit your preference, whether you're watching TV at home or out on a crowded street.
  • ✅ Charge Once a Week — Your hearing assistive devices - rechargeable hearing aids for adults - hold 80 hours of battery after charging for 3 hours. Use a USB to charge your rechargeable hearing aid system in any outlet. The indicator light will flash when charging and stop when finished.
  • ✅Discreet & long-term wearing comfort — nearly invisible, light-weighted casing with medical-grade materials.
  • ✅ For Severe Hearing Loss — Don't leave hearing loss untreated. Keep that part of the brain active with these hearing aids, amplifiers & accessories - hearing aids for tinnitus. Reduce the risk of cognitive decline with this 130 DB hearing aid for seniors - hearing device.
  • ✅Listen and charge anywhere — Avoid daily expenses of buying batteries and charge anywhere with our rechargeable hearing amplifiers for seniors.
Hearivo QV2 BTE Hearing Aids for Seniors & Adults with Mild To Moderate Hearing Loss, Rechargeable Hearing Aids, Noise Cancelling Hearing Amplifiers with Portable Charging Case and Volume Control
  • [Soft & Comfortable To Wear]: For people with mild to moderate hearing loss, our behind the ear hearing aids are lightweight (4.7 grams) & comfortable with soft replaceable earbuds.
  • [Long-Lasting Charge]: 2 hours charge gives up to 25 hours of working time and up to 125 hours total working time for our small hearing aids. Portable charging case allows 5 charges on 1 case charge.
  • [Three Push-Button Sound Modes]: Each OTC hearing aid has an "M" button to quickly select three unique sound modes for normal, indoor and outdoor sound environments.
  • [Advanced HD Digital Quality Sound]: Each of our in ear hearing aids for seniors include a 16-channel digital processor & dual-microphone inputs for a peak sound gain of +35dB.
  • [Intelligent Noise Reduction]: Our rechargeable RIC hearing aids for adults with noise reduction use a 16-channel advanced digital chip to reduce background noise by up to 50%.
Dellona Next-level Hearing Aids For Seniors Severe Hearing Loss - Rechargeable Hearing Aids W/ Type-c, Behind-the-ear Otc Hearing Aid -(Pair) Hearing Aids For Seniors Rechargeable With Noise Cancelling - Hearing Amplifiers For Seniors - (Beige)
  • Better Hearing Daily — This hearing amplifier set has 4 modes of noise reduction. Control your electronic hearing aid earbuds - old school Otc hearing aid amplifier devices - with the push of a button to suit your preference, whether you're watching TV at home or out on a crowded street
  • Charge Once a Week — Your hearing assistive devices - rechargeable hearing aids for seniors- hold 80 hours of battery after charging for 3 hours. Use a USB to charge your rechargeable hearing aid system in any outlet. The indicator light will flash when charging and stop when finished
  • For Severe Hearing Loss — Don't leave hearing loss untreated. Keep that part of the brain active with these hearing aids, amplifiers & accessories - hearing aids for tinnitus. Reduce the risk of cognitive decline with this 130 DB hearing aid for seniors - hearing device
  • Over Ear Fit — These over the ear hearing aids for seniors pair have an exterior hook function for security and easy removal. The hue hearing aids rechargeable fits snugly in the ear canal while the exterior is sweat proof and waterproof. There is no left or right side limit
  • Join the Conversation — Don't let impaired hearing make your social life suffer. These sound amplifiers for hearing loss - hearing devices - hearing aides help improve your ability to engage with others. Follow conversations effortlessly while wearing these hear aid devices
MEDca BTE Behind The Ear Sound Amplifier Super Mini Size Sound Enhancer
  • COMFORTABLE ITEMS FROM MEDCA: MEDca has a registered and professional brand, you can buy many kinds of regular use products for life. Now click the "Add to Cart" button to purchase our high-quality regular-use products.
  • DESIGN: With an intelligent design, MEDca brand products are compact, light, discreet and durable. Its design makes it the ideal lifetime solution for you to instantly experience higher quality the way it is intended.
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: Compact and lightweight. You won't regret wearing it for a long time. This can help make a firm and comfortable fit for different people. Please give it some time to get used to it after several times of training and use.
  • ☛ TRUSTED BRAND! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: No doubt, our New Design products have everything you are looking for! At MEDca we work so that our customers only receive Perfect Orders, you can be sure that your satisfaction is always our number 1 priority and that we will do everything possible so that you have an excellent customer experience. It's that simple.
Rechargeable Hearing Aids for Seniors Severe Hearing Loss, Movocrooi BTE Digital Hearing Amplifier with Noise Cancelling,Hearing Aid with Magnetic Charging Case and Volume Control, Dual Micphone
  • [Comfortable Wearing Experience]: The BTE Hearing Aid is designed primarily for people with severe hearing loss. The ear tips are made of soft and skin-friendly material, comfortable and non-slip, and can be worn for long periods. The invisible sound tube bypasses the top of the ear and hides the hearing aid behind the ear, so it is completely invisible to others and does not interfere with daily eyewear.
  • [Easy to Control volume]: Hearing aids is easy to adjust sound levels by wheel, you can change it according to your preference.Recommend you adjust volume to the lowest level before wearing at beginning.Thus, the difficulty of operation is greatly reduced, even the elderly can use it fluently.
  • [High Capacity Battery Case]: Fully charged within 6 hours, then the hearing sound amplifier aids can be used for more than 35 hours.there will be 150 hours back up power in the charging case for charging 2 hearing aids about 4-5 times. The chargers come with over charging protection circuit so that you do not need to worry about overcharging. Note : Don't make your hearing aid battery drain completely is best way to keep your battery case Durable.
  • [Three Modes of Ear Hearing Aid Devices]: The Hearing aid Earbuds has 3 modes for your option, help you better adapt to the surrounding environment. Normal Listening Mode : for Most Daily Discourse and Watching TV. Noisy Environment Mode: for Party, in Plane or other Noisy Situations.Tinnitus Masking Mode : For Tinnitus Sufferers or those who want to reduce Sensitivity to constant background Noise. Long Press any button for 3 seconds for Mode Selection(1 beep 1st) (2 beeps 2nd) (3 beeps 3rd).
  • [Package included]: This hearing aids for adults ear sound amplifier comes with Five different sizes of "soft earplugs". You can choose the appropriate soft earplugs according to the size of the ear canal. (Please remove the insulating film from the bottom of hearing aid before wearing ) This product comes with 1 pair of sound amplifier for ears with Chargeing Case, 1 ×cleaning brush, 1 ×USB charging cable and 1 × manual, 2 × replacement tube.
Hionec Hearing Aids for Seniors Rechargeable w/Noise Cancelling - Clear Sound & Whistle-Free | Comfort with Removable Sound Tube | 20Hr Digital Hearing Aid w/Dual Microphone +2 Program
  • 👂🏽✨Tailored Comfort for Every Ear: Experience tailored ear comfort with Hionec Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aids. Choose from two removable sound tubes to match your unique ear structure. Adjust tube angles for a snug fit, minimize ear friction, and easily clean or replace tubes.
  • 🔊💡Crystal-Clear Audio to Hear Details: Immerse yourself in crisp audio with a digital hearing aid device featuring a cutting-edge DSP chip and 16-channel multi-core processor offering up to 35DB Gain. Advanced noise-cancellation technology reduces background noise, letting you absorb every sound detail even in noisy surroundings.
  • 🚫🎶Nearly Whistle-Free Sound: Enjoy superior sound quality - minimal whistling & Feedback with Hionec in ear hearing aid, thanks to an enhanced DSP chip and 16-channel multi-core processor. Proper ear tip choice and correct usage ensure an amplified and optimized hearing journey.
  • 🌟🎚️Easy Listening Control w/ Seamless Dual Modes: Take control of your listening experience with dedicated volume buttons and two unique modes – Normal and Noise Cancelling. Transition smoothly between modes for both quiet and loud environments.
  • 🔋⚡Long-Lasting Battery: Stay connected without interruption with Hionec Rechargeable hearing aids. A quick 3-hour charge provides up to 20 hours of use, and the charging case offers an additional 60 hours of backup. Skip the hassle of constant battery replacements and enjoy life's moments.
ARPTUR Hearing Aid for Seniors and Adults, BTE 16-Channel Digital Hearing Amplifier with Volume Adjustment and Noise Reduction, 120hr Battery Life, One Fits Both Ears (Single-one fit both ear)
  • Package Include - Hearing Aids*1(one fit both ear), Battery*1(size13), Sound Tube*1, Earplug*3, Cleaning Brush*1
  • Introducing the ARPTUR Hearing Aid - equipped with a smart chip and digital signal processing technology, designed to restore natural sound quality.
  • Full Gain Up To 42dBs- It is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss, enabling users to hear TV, conversations, and natural sounds with clarity. The hearing aid also features intelligent feedback suppression for a softer, more pleasant sound experience.
  • Natural Sound Quality- With 16-channel sound processing, the ARPTUR hearing aid delivers natural and realistic sound quality. The smart noise reduction function reduces background noise.
  • Easy Volume Control- 8 levels volume adjustment feature allows for easy control by pressing the volume buttons. To increase volume, please short press the "+" button, three beeps indicate the maximum level. To decrease volume, short press the "-" button. three beeps indicate the lowest level.
ENXOS Hearing Aids - Rechargeable Hearing Devices for Seniors with Hearing Impairment, Sound Gain of 30±5dB, 300 hrs Back-up Power,Nano Invisible Hearing Amplifier for Severe Hearing Loss
  • 👂Unrivaled Clarity: Our manual switch hearing aids are specifically designed for those with hearing impairments. While typical hearing allows for the detection of 30dB sound, our product amplifies it to an extraordinary degree, providing a maximum volume of 120±3dB, more than five times the standard level.
  • 👂Eliminate Howling: Our hearing aids have been meticulously designed and come equipped with automatic directional microphone technology. They focus on sound based on its direction, reducing noise interference from other directions and minimizing the occurrence of feedback and howling.
  • 👂Authentic Sound: Our hearing aids, with a 5ms sound delay from an internal microcomputer chip, offer an enhanced auditory experience, well below the industry standard of 15ms.
  • 👂Dependable Battery Life:With a single charge, you can enjoy up to 30 hours of enhanced hearing. Our hearing aids for seniors are also equipped with a portable charging case for added convenience.
  • 👂Stay Comfortable: Our unique ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit that won't easily come off. Whether you're at home or on the move, our hearing aids stay securely in place.
Autiphon Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aids Dryer Case for Seniors Adults with Noise Cancelling, Patented Design for Easy Operation, 1 Week Backup Power, Pair (Beige)
  • [Trustworthy Tech] US-made digital chip with 16-channel sound processing, dual microphones to tell directions, brings great sound quality without whistling and noisy background. Great price for the same technology as thousands-dollar ones.
  • [Professional Modes] Comes with normal listening mode, noisy environment mode and tinnitus masking mode. The tinnitus masking mode will create white noise to cover the tinnitus or other shape noise to relief discomfort or pain.
  • [Un-noticeable Appearance] Different from traditional hearing aid, this AT216 is fashionably designed, just wear it with confidence and no need to hide deliberately. It's small, comfortable and better fit to prevent from falling out.
  • [Lager Power Capacity] 2 hours for a full charge, then can be used for 25 hours. The charging case can charge both unites for 4 times, with 100 hours of backup power.
  • [Smart Operation] Auto turn on when take it out of the charging case, turn off when put it back. Quick tap to adjust volume, press and hold for 2 seconds to switch modes. 30 days trial period and unlimited customer service.

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