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MODUS Anti Barking Device - Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent 2 in 1 Dog Training Aid, 16.4 Ft Control Range w/Anti-Static Wrist Strap LED Indicate, Bark Begone Bark Box Dogs Outdoor Indoor
  • DOG BARK CONTROL & DOG TRAINING - MODUS ultrasonic anti-bark device provides you a safe and effective solution for dog training and bark control. With this dog barking control device, press the start button when the dog has bad behavior, such as barking, digging, eating unsafe food, fighting, etc. The ultrasonic will interrupt them and correct their behaviors efficiently. The dog will eventually learn to associate the barking with the ultrasound, forming a conditioned reflex.
  • NO SKILLS REQUIRED & EASY TO CONTROL - MODUS bark begone is designed for all people. No skills required, with MODUS, everyone can train the dogs professionally. When you press & hold the button of MODUS sonic bark deterrent, it will emit an ultrasonic sound that can only be heard by dogs. The LED indicator lights up green when the device is working. Press the button for over 10 seconds, the device will be turned off automatically. PS: The device is powered by 4 AAA batteries (Included).
  • SAFE TO USE & SUITABLE FOR ALL SIZE DOGS - The human average hearing frequency range is 20HZ~20KHZ, and the dog can hear a wider range from 15HZ to 120KHZ. MODUS ultrasonic bark control aid emits ultrasonic sound at 25KHZ which will not affect humans but can grab dogs’ attention. Compared to the other training tools like dog training collar or bark collar, this sonic dog deterrent device will be more gentle without worrying about hurting your dogs. And it will be suitable for all size dogs.
  • WIDE CONTROL RANGE & ERGONOMIC DESIGN - MODUS ultrasonic barking dog deterrent comes with an adjustable anti-static wrist strap, and its ergonomic design making it fits nicely in your hand, also fits comfortably into your pocket. The control range of the MODUS bark deterrent is 16.4ft (compared to the other products, their normal range is 6 feet), you can use it indoor, or use it in the vast expanse of outdoors. You can even use it to stop your neighbor's dog from barking.
  • 24/7 CUSTOMER SERVICE & PROFESSIONAL GUIDE - MODUS is committed to providing the best service to the customers, please do not hesitate to contact MODUS support team when you have any queries or professional advise. *TIPS* The ultrasonic anti-bark device doesn't effective in dogs with hearing problems and we recommend not using this product on dogs under 6 months as it may disrupt the dog’s development in hearing. And please train them with respect, do not use it as a punishment tool.
Bark Control Device, 2020 Upgraded Mini Bark Control Device, Outdoor Anti Barking Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control with 3 Ultrasonic Frequency Levels, Sonic Bark Deterrents Silencer Stop Barking Anti Bark
  • 【2020 Upgraded RECHARGEABLE Version】 The Updated ultrasonic dog bark deterrent makes you handy when training your dog. The barking control device automatically emits high-pitched sounds that only dogs can hear. Once the dog stops barking, the ultrasonic bark control automatically stops emitting ultrasonic sounds. And include the USB Cable, it can be recharged anytime and anywhere to avoid the trouble of putting the battery.
  • 【Range up to 50ft】 The range of ultrasonic penetration is 50ft, covering the area indoor and outdoor. Compared with the traditional dog training device, it completely frees your hands. You can easily train the dog's behavior by turning on the knob. After testing, the best effect is within 50ft. The smaller the range, the better the effect.
  • 【Safe For Dogs And People】 The ultrasound will not cause any interference or harm to human, because human cannot hear these frequency bands, but dogs will be sensitive to these ultrasounds. Different dogs may be sensible to ultrasound of different frequency bands. Please turn the knob to test different frequency bands to obtain the best results.
  • 【Durable Power & Waterproof 】 Equipped with a powerful battery, the anti bark device can contiguously work for 30 days after fully charged. IPX4 waterproof can be hung on the tree, anywhere indoors, outdoors and so on. 
  • 【Warm Tips for Usage】 The dog deterrent device is not applicable to the following situations: aggressive dogs, noisy surroundings, hearing impaired dogs, more dogs together, dogs under 6 months or over 8 years.
MODUS Bark Control Device - Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device, 2 in 1 Dog Behavior Training Tool of 16.4 Ft Effective Control Range, Safe to Use, with LED Indicator/Wrist Strap Outdoor Indoor
  • 【EFFECTIVE DOG BARK CONTROL DEVICE】 Modus ultrasonic bark control device provides a safe and effective solution to assist owners in controlling unwanted barking and stop bad behaviors, such as eating unsafe food, digging, fighting, etc.
  • 【SAFE TO YOU AND YOUR DOG】 Unlike other shock type dog training tool, our anti bark device uses the latest ultrasonic tech with frequencies at 25KHZ. The sound does not affect humans (audibility limit of 20KHZ), but can easily grab dog’s attention and stop their bad behaviors. Consistent training is required to achieve effective and long-lasting result.
  • 【HUMANE TRAINING DEVICE】 The ultrasonic tone is set at a safe level and enough to distract dogs’ attention and stop bad behavior, but without causing any harm. Every time your dog makes mischief–barking, jumping, leash pulling, etc., simply press the button and point the ultrasonic dog training device directly at him. Once he reacts positively, please praise and reward him to strengthen his memory.
  • 【PORTABLE SIZE & USER FRIENDLY】 The device fits perfectly in your hand. It comes with an adjustable anti-static wrist strap and includes 4 replaceable AAA batteries. Simply press & hold the button, the bark deterrent will emit ultrasonic sound to attract the dog’s attention. The LED light on top of the button can indicate working status and low power mode.
  • 【SUITABLE FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR ACTIVITY】 Modus dog bark deterrent can be used either indoor for stopping unwanted barking and house-training your puppies, and for those who are adventurers, the device can also be used for dog walking and training them to behave well in public and protect them from eating unsafe food.
Humutan Anti Barking Device, Ultrasonic Barking Control Device, Waterproof Outdoor Anti Bark Deterrents in Birdhouse Shape
  • The ultrasonic frequency is not harmful to pets and completely inaudible to human ears yet safe and effective training tool for your dog or the neighbors dog to disrupt the barking. Effective on most dogs within range.
  • Ultrasonic anti barking repellent is effective range of up to 50 feet. And there are 3 range levels and a test mode, you can use the test mode to verify the microphone and speaker are working properly.
  • Pavilion shape, durable and waterproof, great for outdoor use, easy to hang on a tree, wall or fence post etc. Add some style to your outdoor decor that brings serenity to your family and your neighbors at home and during camping trips.
  • Unique pavilion shape design, stop excessive, noisy dog barking by emitting an ultrasonic sound to silence the dog. More effective than old version deterrents and waterproof.
  • If you are not completely satisfied with our product, just contact us, we will try our best to give you a solution.
BIG DEAL Anti Barking Devices, Rechargeable Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control Device, 50FT Range Waterproof Outdoor Use Mini Safety Dog Repellent Device
  • 【Rechargeable Anti Barking Device】USB charging design makes it more eco friendly and more convenient to use.
  • 【Ultrasonic Bark Control Devices】Our dog barking control device can grab dogs’ attention by emitting ultrasonic sound to silence the dog.
  • 【Humane & Harmless】Safe for dogs of any size, other pets, plants, and of course yourself and your loved ones.
  • 【For dogs of any size】Up to 50FT range,4 adjustable ultrasonic volume levels(including a test mode). Test mode is used to verify the microphone and speaker are functional. The effective range of high, middle and low gears is 50, 30 and 15 feet respectively.
  • 【Applicable for Outdoor Use】The device is made from durable material and has a good weatherproof performance. It can be hung on the wall or placed on the table, suitable for outdoor use.
MODUS Automatically Ultrasonic Bark Controller - Safe Anti-Bark Indoor and Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Controller with Adjustable Ultrasonic Level Control
  • 【GET PEACEFUL AND QUIET】Imagining a quiet home where you can relax with your own thoughts, get a good night's sleep. Thousands of people like you have used MODUS anti barking device to take back their peace and quiet. Using an ultrasonic bark control device with training process, can effectively prevent barking by your or your neighbor's dog. Provide a quiet and comfortable rest and sleep environment.
  • 【AUTOMATIC CONTROL & 50 ft EFFECTIVE DISTANCE 】The sensitive microphones can automatically detect dog barking up to 50 feet away (also works on your neighbors’ dogs!). Then dog bark control device will automatically blast high-pitched sounds that only the dog can hear. Once the dog stops barking, the dog barking control device will automatically stop transmits ultrasonic sound.
  • 【SUITABLE FOR ALL SIZE DOGS】The ultrasonic bark control deterrent has 4 different power levels of high, medium, low and test. Suitable for small, medium and large dogs. Test mode can be used to verify that the microphone and speaker are functional. You can manually adjust the power of the bark box with a simple knob. We recommend you start with the unit on low and then increase the power as needed
  • 【EFFECTIVE SOLUTION】MODUS anti bark deterrent uses high-pitched ultrasonic sound technology. Ultrasonic sound is above the hearing range of humans, but it will make attention and stimulate to dogs. It is safe for humans and dogs. With its hanging rope or hole, you can easily mount this on a wall
  • 【SIMPLE DESIGN & SATISFACTORY SERVICE】The simple outlook of MODUS ultrasonic dog bark deterrent can be easily integrated in the overall environment of the house. The LED light will indicate the working and battery status, offering you an easy and cozy experience of dog training. MODUS ultrasonic anti bark device can be used on dogs from 6 months to 8 years old.
DogRook Rechargeable Bark Collar - Humane, No Shock Training Collar - Action Without Remote - Vibration & Sound Care Modes - for Small, Medium, Large Dogs Breeds - No Harm Deterrent Vibrating Control
  • HUMANE BARK COLLAR WITH 2 MODES - provides effective performance with sound (beeps) and 7 safe vibration modes. It helps your dog understand that barking not desirable. You can correct your dog's behavior with this training barking collar.
  • RECHARGEABLE VERSION - no bark collar works about 20 days with 1 battery life. Get full charge in 1-2 hours. Take all benefits with a new long-life battery.
  • FREE FROM REMOTE, AUTOMATICALLY STOP BARKING - You don’t have to waste your time anymore with this automatic bark collar. It helps your dog learn how to stop barking without your participation.
  • ADJUSTABLE FOR SMALL, MEDIUM AND LARGE DOGS - no shock bark collar is 100% water-resistant with a strap for dogs weighing 10 to 110 lbs with neck size of 9 to 22 inches. High-quality material and technology can use frequently and last for long-time without troubles.
  • EXTRA PARTS - In addition to the automatic stop barking collar we have included USB cable, 2 types of plastic prongs and 2 color covers. That fits your dog well and make possible to customize shockless no bark collar.
GODCRYSTAL Bark Control Device, Upgraded Mini Bark Control Device Outdoor Anti Barking Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control Sonic Bark Deterrents Silencer Stop Barking Anti Barking Device
  • ◆UPGRADED TECH Stop excessive, noisy dog barking by emitting an ultrasonic sound to silence the dog. More effective than old version deterrents and waterproof.
  • ◆FOR DOGS OF ANY SIZE - Uses high-frequency sound that works to reduce excessive bark of dogs within hearing range; For dogs 6 months and older UP TO 25 FOOT RANGE.
  • ◆100% SAFE -- Trusted by dog trainer & veterinarians. No electric shock, no liquid propellant is used, and most humane and used widely way to keep your own dog or your neighbors dog from barking.
  • ◆MINI DESIGN The New Bark Controller come with a well-designed mini shape. Designed for easy hanging/mounting on a tree, wall or fence post to stop any dogs barking (within range).
  • ◆Operates 9-Volt batteries (not included) and will last up to 6 months depending on use.
Zomma Handheld Dog Repellent & Trainer, Ultrasonic Infrared Dog Deterrent, Bark Stopper + Good Behavior Dog Training
  • ▲ Keep unfriendly dogs away, protect yourself from dangerous dogs while walking, jogging, or bicycling.
  • ▲ Stop dog approaching you before it can bite you, A good protector for yourself.
  • ▲ Also can be used to train dogs and bring you more fun, Need a 9V carbon battery.
  • ▲ Safe, humane and effective dog repeller, Can works with most dogs.
  • ▲ Emits piercing ultrasonic tone that dogs hate and make dogs away from people.
Ultrasonic Anti-Barking Device, which Automatically Emits Ultrasonic Waves When It Detects The Bark of The Dog, And The Effective Control Range is 50FT
  • 【Automatic anti-barking device】When the microphone of the anti-barking device detects the barking of the dog, the product will automatically emit high-pitched ultrasonic waves. This is harsh noise for the dog, so the dog will stop barking and leave.
  • 【Special design】The product is designed for outdoor use. The appearance is designed like an alarm clock. It can be easily hung on the tree, anywhere in the house or in your yard.
  • 【Safe and harmless】The anti-barking device is safe for dogs and other pets of any size, as well as yourself and those you love. Humane and professional way to train your dog to stop barking.
  • 【Lightweight and portable】The appearance of the 2020 Ultrasonic Dog Barking Controller Mini is very lightweight and can be carried around when traveling outdoors, with a wide effective range (50 feet).
  • 【Intimate service】If you have any questions about our products, you can contact us at any time, we will provide you with the most perfect shopping experience.

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